The Paris:Bustin NYC Special Edition trucks are in stock but won’t be here forever. Grab ‘em while you can. @paristruckco #bustinboards #NYtoParis


The Paris:Bustin NYC Special Edition trucks are in stock but won’t be here forever. Grab ‘em while you can. @paristruckco #bustinboards #NYtoParis





hello hello! On July 15th, 2014, I hit my 1,000 sales mark in my shop in about two years which I could not believe! The amount of work I put into each and every order has been worth it and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has ever bought anything from my shop and whoever supported me by sharing my shop to other people!

I put this giveaway off until now (Aug. 14th) because I was waiting for DCI members to come home so they could have the opportunity to participate in this! 

To thank you, I will be doing a giveaway that will last until August 31st and I will be choosing one winner. They will have the option of choosing either a bow/bow-tie (corps only, no custom marching band uniforms) AND an option of any corps uniform as a pillow! The rules are:

  • Only reblogs will count
  • No need to reblog it a thousand times (one count per blog)
  • Don’t have to follow me but feel free if you want to
  • Winner must claim their prize within 24 hours of messaging them or I will choose a new winner so keep a look out

I honestly cannot thank you guys enough for all the support I have been given the past two years. I know I’ve been lacking on orders like getting them out late but if you didn’t complain and were patient with me, I just want to say thank you for understanding and being kind to me. I deal with a lot of rude customers and getting a kind customer is rare for me now so thank you.

I didn’t think my Etsy shop would ever get this popular in such a small amount of time and knowing I’ve made people happy with their orders makes me grateful for what I do. I consider it my second job because every day, I get about 20-35 orders (some include 1-5 bows/bow-ties) which is a lot but I enjoy it. This past DCI season, I had to make over 224 bows and bow-ties which is 115 more than I had to do last Summer. I’ve grown in the community, gotten three vendor opportunities from three different corps (for this Summer), and got numerous shout outs from corps on Twitter.

I want to say good luck to everyone in this giveaway and again for the 100th time, thank you


I’m picking two winners! Giveaway ends this Sunday!!! 

Ends tomorrow!!! :)

Today is the last day to reblog!!!

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Anonymous asked:

Listen here you silly-willy'd fuck boy. If you don't start serving up longboarding on sourdough I'm going to leave the most graphic, obscene, and drastically offensive question on your blog that will offend Muslims, Jews, Christians, and even Catholics alike. Hindus are left out because they're the only ones who got it right, and I want you to both remember that and respect that as a fact. With love, Nate Forsythe

Toasty Answer:


ily whoever this is

Alright, anon.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY3U5Ooy7GQ

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